Monday, December 16, 2013

from Oceanic - Lewis Gesner

laid out after it has been pumped into the temporal option

emerged the moment the enclosure was dismissed while neighbors kept watch the emptily lot which felt ashamed to stare foundingly roughly on the grounds on weathered outed receiver even fault  remains

cowed the blame is emphasized in sensation that stuck the papers to the twining block and unbeneath the threat

on the opinion where the mold had traveled through the vent result of stereoscopic templates challenged forming from intervention a card or duct tape

noncompliant having weighted with a broom

had introduced the mirrored fixtures and a wire lacing loom and temporary rental spaces

was identified by where it was the angle down it was as inset as an exercise

theatrical and bored of sumptuous laws donned it

inflation of the agricultural spikes first solution by aphoristic spitting wide regurgitation world plan and exposures we all group shared in the museum of the shroud collection sugar plantation followed by corn husk and concrete pikes the bases are exposed now when they diverted the river as well as my distraction that seemed to lose by years the tiny cemetery for mounds and monuments

pock marked by the propellant feed from the machine here’s feed the stove from another river bed tried secured the billboard by the cause the fiberglass and the foam blown body light and drifted onto many rivet decks numbers and accordion panels   

projections onto the fencepost-white vehicles in tandem in movement and then continued viewing as the tumble onto their sides and over hills by proxy movie review causal but interactive in the microcosmic sense

in a local concentration pictured on the bill while stringed the principle which evidentiary offered larger posed without

eats the ripe flesh of the cluster participate the funneled passage seen as tubes along the mountain faced enclosed in darkness downing but first considered to be a problem under the matt dust warn hood preceding the encasement in the escalated mode of tangent emissary dreams the monks bald head the rounded cone tip the sexless gown, the undifferentiated function and magnetic shoe on three speed treaded side walk

firework and static colored powder in the air slope lidded gondolas the bright ribbon with your name it is with forever haze approximates the painted arrows and entrances as you imagine them the tall stalks lining them

who are you then claiming more by me than swings an arch of bundled sticks and thinks me passed or badly nestled through the flowering shrubs

puttered by the rock climbed by the battered by reciprocal alliances at the overlook the unused serial electrical fixtures the canisters had gone for naught

made to a glistening testimony has at wished you praised that pleased forgotten cup found its way back

stigmata brand excuses through my trial staged rebuttal on the pier of the crime toilet console

after the situation of the portable gate, they sold some limited edition of the spore the cams began in their first position, then were shifted after lunch

emergent eggs from morning, timed stones for ceremony the paper is sticky on the golden boxes dominated waxes the perception is that everything suddenly travels in opposite directions removed the picture of the thawed amphibian the leeches in the frozen pond that come again in spring

as with the tourniquet he lost several opportunities and pages tripping over the clods, then turning them upside down

resentment still base plan anxious ward noting comes consecration land vibration of continuous tone sliding interchanged compartments as a glorified report equal parts derived disposal unserving blemish sectional baiting prospects of the old other proportions where little healed

not automatic but unmediated

pity for the sharing of history

is stared to in the cloud

has a single theme for dissolution

false compared the hands Boole prepare a waiting list for input compared conduit variable collar impact style and armbands adroit they call it the pull apart with balanced fins and supposition the profusion came from the foot of the stool or chair, in all, a seldom redemption having once set to cruise and having further turned off the engine and previewed the function

was the solicitor of the fall of the silk concerns of the dry desk and the single ear

there is no longer a reproductive rate while the stain reveals the stream with the still signs while alert

collage into the plain, mirrors and back lit screen slack rope through the palm

of the knit mittens

more stern than woven progress

takes the moment up has filled the various loads and limestone carries you home the pause when they contributed the wetted gums

when the rat became the ousted one for love when the theory oversaw when the tall trucks overturned

oar locks on your legs retreat for soldiering the crank is obvious on the back wall of the temple expresses to ephemera opinion through a drown shaking and the underwater blooming of hair can also track you backward by photo session clicking metal, tin runs into contemporary successions of baskets the want of won’t prevail the host museum breakdown and the rise of the research panel receiving leakage

outside of the curbed as far as you can see, only stops restraint samples as the same that came before

relevant, archived face on tight, shrinking fabric

commissioned safety  an underpass trickle, the resonant arch of concrete

futures lie at the bedposts opinions asleep with laborers transition markers indicate the turn

head and round stations the building vibrates at its base and whistles from its frame

runs more slowly but where is the mire

prevents the arrangement into scale by elbows obstacle

the twigs relate the creek, putterer in his rubber boots and checkered shirt plying a branch is unaware of time sharp penetrations of droplets, first cold

was an invisible taker contravention in the realm, away estate confused clothing spent to color in the glass eye the repossessed essential trains which she before but unclaimed bags remembered long every judged the boat swain

melodies and pronounced rumbling the little chancres advanced production in intervals additionally many towers were robbed or were subject to the lateral report on the profound aspect by name received by test module passed or forced illicitly

of enacted, resurgence through the front teeth making a strained, hissing sound

too conspicuous dependence and the necessities of a purge are and are advantaged spoken by weakness in revelation of acceptance convened once in shadow the cracked between joined objects the grope for sentimental tissues

who has captured what to covet or to justify destroying squander over the sound baked lakes futurely by derivation restricted by a calm

has one way for identity has a path accepting burs

hold you to honorary dismissal

strump the paper source lost and found march to and from in one long rite taking up several lifetimes leading to the lectern

emulsify by the hazy conversion a series tacked to your grip mechanisms

clamp to lacking over means and objects but the clamp

remote dissolving, hydra forms, indecisive channels conform by serial lazy viscosity and cloudy mirroring

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

from Oceanic - Lewis Gesner

in a litmus chamber maximum receptions in an erudite improvisation slung a pole and a petrified log until the frame fatigued began to strip its cables and submit to conflicting magnetism ransoms on the poster skills and brightness collectors had a many mock ups penetrated up ward of the staircase wave which fell back once, and holding firm both parties and resumed represents the application of the hinge that put at measured lengths in number help define pure shapes who were you she asked and jiggled him until his solids separated from his fluids the fall in cracks and stretching out along borders is applied three wheels curvature of the remnant basement and attic, erased between put aside, practical rehearsal time engorged the hands which swelled and stiffened differs when drawn up in the sifting ladle and suffers from a greedy shame reverse mode then climbs backward in time and downward stark meaning the field event but what goes there too stops on the line for cutting and waving proudly (local) it was recombinant from below aftermaths they glanced and took the science home

revives each ecstasy to each time reaching up in fire on the pins each must to be made again the many single in the miff locked out where becomes transparent to the gate dried she said and raised and lowered the lid no talks time removal dumpsters hammers half clang and a soft part a diagram of the arm and its mechanism traditional thick hard sediment below the endless waves of human roe dramatic comprehension blind illuminations of a frieze in a nucleated sarcophagus and you have your hands on my double setting but it was your only slim reward they all intended to be licking up (the fancy palgrave) with snakes coiled on each hedge it is sunny reduce it to a caper thinks the template was for the intricate neighbor on the board the suppositions once again stands awaits approval to be seated three minutes counting the preoccupation of making note has a feather in its ear applies radium medicine bottles has finally become bed rid with how the sun shot through the window lens is magnified in an echo of that day associations with and some artist meetings improvised music the shapes below the cloth hideaway through will they blocked the creative intensifier they could only build on the received phrase also anticipate the arrival and the other wise unperfect if relied idiom than better spoiled